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Suitcase recycling activities began in the year 2000. Approximately 30,000 suitcases have been recovered and utilized for raw materials over a period of 10 years. After disassembling the recovered suitcases, they are sorted into plastics and metals. The plastics are used as boiler fuel, and the metals are recycled by scrap companies for use as raw materials. Efforts are also made to reuse suitcases. Reusable suitcases are repaired wherever necessary and donated to NPO enterprises in Japan.
This project aims to turn the suitcases that you travel with back into "natural resources" rather than "waste" when they are no longer serviceable. ACE launched this recycling activity in the year 2000 since most suitcases at that time were simply being discarded as waste when they were no longer needed. The activity was re-launched as a permanent project in 2010.

ACE Recycle Project