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We are happy to provide reliable quality to the world. The ACE culture reverberates across international boundaries. Stringent quality control, efficient distribution, global product development, and a production base in China that manufactures high-quality products through a strong partnership -- ACE is a network of specialists fulfilling various essential roles. Binding these roles together is a universal spirit of harmony as expressed in our symbol mark.
"We want to contribute to society by fulfilling people's dreams through fine-quality bags." This ACE pursuit crosses beyond life roles and international borders to join people's hearts, to provide the world with a highly reliable brand.

ACE Group (China) Co., Ltd.

ACE Group (China) Co., Ltd., a Shanghai-based company established in 1996, oversees group operations in China. The manufacturing sector under ACE Group consists of seven sewing plant companies and three component plant companies, collectively employing a workforce of 5,500 people. The sales sector comprises a chain of directly operated outlets called ACE SHOP, and hundreds of "in-shops" set up in department stores. With some 600 of these shops scattered all over China, from Shanghai to Tibet, the ACE brand now commands a strong market share, good brand recognition, and a reputation for excellent quality. In 2004, ACE Group began operating out of the "ACE Building," a newly completed base from which to implement the group's global strategy. ACE Group is firmly positioned as the driving power behind the globalization of the ACE brand, and as the leading provider of brand information to the world market.

ACE Group (China) Co., Ltd.

ACE Luggage Co., Ltd.

Our predecessor, ACE Bag Co., Ltd., was established as the manufacturer for the ACE group in 1960. Later, in 1971, a plant was inaugurated in Akabira City, Hokkaido Prefecture. Since then, the company has been manufacturing high-quality suitcases, attaché cases, and other related product categories. The ACE Luggage Co. of today is the hallmark of "Japan Quality" in the ACE group.

ACE Luggage Co., Ltd.

ACE Distribution Service Co., Ltd.

This company runs two logistic centers in Japan to take charge of transport for the group's merchandise. The bigger of the two, the Matto Center in Ishikawa Prefecture, introduced an Automatic Warehouse System and Merchandise Replenishing and Picking System in 1995. Complete computer control of merchandise management and warehouse entry/dispatch ensures the safe and rapid delivery of products to customers.

ACE Distribution Service Co., Ltd.

ACE Italia S.R.L

Singapore ACE Pte. Ltd.

ACE Hong Kong Luggage Co., Ltd.


ACE Bags & Luggage Taiwan Co.,Ltd.


Zero Halliburton Inc.

Zero Halliburton(China) Co., Ltd.